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Alex A. Molinaroli: 5 Ways Team Leaders Can Make Employees Feel Valued

Milwaukee, WI, USA, 4th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, With nearly four decades of executive business experience, Alex A. Molinaroli says he understands the importance of making employees feel appreciated. The retired head of Johnson Controls is also aware that, in 2022, employees have more options than ever before.

“They are looking for meaningful jobs and desire to work with teammates who care about each other,” Alex A. Molinaroli says. 

During his time at Johnson Controls, Alex A. Molinaroli held various positions before climbing the ranks to CEO. He had joined Johnson Controls in 1983 in a sales position, which he feels is vital for all employees to experience at some point in their careers. 

“Doing business anywhere is all about relationships,” Alex A. Molinaroli told the Milwaukee Rotary Club in a speech while he was still at the helm of Johnson Controls. “Relationships are earned every day. People want to know you and they want to trust you. We’re all a product of our experiences.” 

He points out that employees are on a quest for leaders who care about them and are not afraid to deliver an inspired vision.

Around 33 million Americans have quit their jobs since the spring of 2021 according to NPR. In a movement that’s been tagged “The Great Resignation,” NPR states the majority of Americans quitting their jobs appear to be trying to get better jobs. Workers can now bargain for better pay, more flexibility, work-from-home options, and other perks. 

Alex A. Molinaroli says he also realizes the pandemic transformed how many people view their careers. 

“​​Our values as a generation have changed,” Alex A. Molinaroli says.

With Employee Appreciation Day on March 4, Alex A. Molinaroli says it’s crucial to recognize employees on that occasion and every day. Here’s what the one-time Johnson Controls leader has to say about how bosses can better inspire their employees and why employee accolades could make or break a brand.

1. Be authentic.

Alex A. Molinaroli advises defining the team’s purpose. “How does each team member see themselves adding value to achieve this vision?” Alex A. Molinaroli asks. “I think employees want to know that they’re doing something that matters.”

2. Get to know your team.

“Be available and present and spend quality time early in the relationship with your employees,” Alex A. Molinaroli suggests.

Alex A. Molinaroli recommends learning what each employee is good at and letting them run with it. “Do what you do well,” he says. “I think that most people try to do what they think is important instead of what they’re really good at.”

He says he deeply values face-to-face communication and he’s looking forward to more of that as COVID-19 restrictions ease up.

3. Give your employees room to grow.

“[Employees] want to know that they’re doing something with people that they enjoy being around and [who] care about them,” Alex A. Molinaroli says. “[They want to be around people] that they know want to develop them and want the best for them.”

4. Listen to your employees’ ideas.

“Typically, I don’t have the answer to a specific problem, but I usually know someone who does,” Alex A. Molinaroli says. “Listen to them. If you’re able to articulate and demonstrate a vision, your people understand what they do fits in that vision. And it matters day in and day out. I think that people can get pretty inspired about their job and it doesn’t matter what your job is, but you need to feel like it’s part of something bigger.”

5. Celebrate employees’ strengths.

“Your focus should be on developing and improving the skills you have and accentuating your strengths,” Alex A. Molinaroli says. “Don’t try to do what other people do.”

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