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Most common question about our services

Are Press Release Links Do-follow or No-follow??

Most of our press release links are No-follow. However, there are some news sites where the press release might have Do-follow links (Subject to the policies of those sites).

Are your Press Release Posts Permanent??

Yes and No! Your press release will stay permanent on Binary News Network site, bigger name sites like Marketwatch, Digital Journal, MenaFN, and 200+ News Network Sites. (Subject to rules of those sites. This can change anytime as per their will.)

However, apart from these sites, other News Sites purge old press releases in 3 to 6 months time, once the press release news becomes old, in order to stay relevant.

Most companies issue a new press release each month to stay in the news and limelight.

Can we edit press release once it has been sent out for distribution, or has been published??

No, first of all it’s Humanly Impossible to edit a press release that has already been sent to thousands of news outlets and journalists for pickup. Second, once a press release is published, nobody is allowed to make any changes with the content.

We will not accept any further changes, once the PR will get syndicated. Hence, we strongly recommend you to re-check the PR before ready for distribution. We will consider your press release is final, once we received it.

What is the cost of distribution???

Please email us at [email protected] to discuss the cost of distribution. It totally depends on your requirements and frequency of content.

For any other query you can reach us at [email protected].