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Embrace the Farmhouse, Rustic (and cottagecore) Aesthetic with These 6 Tips

Pune, India — The cottagecore lifestyle is growing popular by the day, and many families are at the frontline. They have just about enough reasons to make others follow suit.

These include leaving the city life behind to opt for a healthier, organic living and preference and taste for the farmhouse environment.

According to many residents, cottagecore living enhances stress-free and calm vibes, which are hard to come by in this century.

Shifting to rural settings can be quite a challenge, especially if you were born into city life. But unknown to many, there are ways to relish the farmhouse lifestyle right in Sydney.

You can incorporate cottagecore living in your contemporary space for the farmhouse life quality. Below are the six ways to bring the farmhouse aesthetic into your home; read on!

Install wood burning heaters

Save yourself the extra costs of a higher energy bill with energy-efficient rustic appliances that enhance your home décor. Wood burning heaters are your two-in-one solution for your warmth needs and rustic appeal.

Modern options to wood burning heaters lower your utility bill significantly, save energy, and gets you in touch with mother nature. For an irresistible farmhouse aesthetic, you can rely on firewood storage units and rustic wood stoves.

Remember to play your part in protecting the environment with sustainably sourced firewood.

Build an outdoor pizza oven

Create unique and great moments at the dinner table with the addition of a woodfired pizza oven. Cottagecore lifestyles are synonymous with outdoor dining. Erect your outdoor pizza oven to entertain your guests as you prepare your favourite BBQ and veggies.

Besides, with a pizza oven comes the versatility of cooking different meals. For your roasting, baking, grilling, and slow cooking needs, this is your go-to oven.

Over the past few years of social restrictions, we have learnt to appreciate the times we spend with our family and friends, and what better way other than outdoor dining and entertainment?

Merge indoor and outdoor living

Carry the rustic dining experience to the heart of your home by merging the indoor and outdoor environments. One way to gift your living space with an exceptional and bright feel from the outdoors is by incorporating indoor plants.

Take this a little further by nurturing a living wall in the deck or lounge area for the ultimate greenery experience. Living walls enhance the room’s mood and refresh the air particles for the outdoor feeling you are craving.

Use cottage décor and accessories

Living in a rental unit may restrict what you can do with your space. Still, various remodeling options can bring to life the cottagecore aesthetic through décor accessories. These include farmhouse furniture, candle holders, pictures, tablecloths, and rugs to meet your outdoor lifestyle desires.

Acquire farmhouse kitchenware

Cottagecore accessories are not limited to your aesthetic arsenal; they can be functional as well. You can find farmhouse kitchenware at specialist stores and garage sales. There are varying options from clay cooking pots, wooden spoons, and mason jars for your mugs for a worthwhile dining experience.

Take your guests to the rustic countryside with exotic meals and crockery choices in your Sydney living space.

Grow an organic kitchen garden

You can take your rustic experience to greater heights by growing a Sydney organic kitchen garden. The farmhouse lifestyle is on many people’s minds because of the health benefits that come with it. With a kitchen garden, you can achieve the farmhouse aesthetic while boosting the quality of your meals. Consider anything from spices, herbs, and vegetables, depending on the garden’s size.


Moving to the farmland can be a juggle between healthy living and a space you are proud to call home. However, you can bring the farmhouse lifestyle into your contemporary home in Sydney. Make the transformation with natural lighting options and woodfired stoves, among other non-intrusive ways above. Go the extra mile with hobbies and meals that match the rustic feel of the countryside.

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