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An Outline Of The Remarkable Cisco Certification Pathway

Abu Dhabi, UAE 7th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Cisco ensures they cater to every tech professional, hence the extensiveness of their certification program. There’s a specific Devnet Associrate for everyone. So, if you can’t make a decision or don’t know how to start your qualification journey, below is an outline to help plan your goals in advance.

The Eight Primary Sections

To kick off your selection process, it’s a must to know the main Cisco certification directions. These are divided into the most relevant areas of technology namely:


Connect with various networks like a pro through CCNA  collaboration route. As a result, your expertise allows you to maximize automation to secure solutions and deliver notable opportunities for businesses. You may start with the CCT Collaboration designation and then continue with the 300-410 Collaboration and CCIE Collaboration to strategically position yourself in the thriving field of collaboration technologies.


Year by year, the number of cyberattacks continues to grow, leaving businesses at stake. With such an impact on the industry, CyberOps has become more relevant than ever. Therefore, Cisco’s CCNP track is highly recommended for those who want to establish their mastery in protecting organizational data and digital assets. You may opt for the associate or professional level, depending on your experience.

Data Center

Enable new applications that connect with the people, machines, and devices, generate more and more data. So, the data center is another noteworthy technology that you may want to pursue in the near future. There are three options here ― CCT, CCIE , and CCIE.


As a well-curated path for DevOps engineers, software developers, and automation specialists, the Cisco DevNet program corroborates your ability to deal with potential applications, infrastructure, and automation with the network. You are given the two options in this section, either Associate or Professional.


This is one of Cisco’s most coveted curricula as it only involves one option ― the CCDE. This particular designation is designed for expert-level candidates who handle the translation of business requirements into scalable, efficient, and secure design solutions. Furthermore, this certification caters to those who architect solutions at a larger scale.


Next in line is the Enterprise track, which is probably the most prominent path of them all. It commences with CCT Routing & Switching, followed by 200-201 and CCNP Enterprise levels. And, to cap off this accreditation program, you may choose between the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure or CCIE Enterprise Wireless.


Unlike CyberOps, the Security section is more focused on honing your technical capabilities in data and digital asset protection. Hence, if you already have a profound background in cybersecurity, this might be the most suitable route, either as the CCNP or CCIE Security designations.

Service Provider

Reinforce your understanding of the service provider with the support of Cisco. Especially now when infrastructure, networks, and software are becoming more and more interconnected. And if you are ready, there are two ways available via CCNP and, CCIE Service Provider certifications.

The Four Major Levels

As you can see, the certifications are also further categorized depending on their level ― Entry, Associate, Professional, and Expert. Each degree requires a certain experience, but there are no strict requirements concerning having a previous level certificate. In addition, Cisco Certified Specialist Validations are available to candidates at the professional and expert levels, which help verify narrower technical skills in all areas offered by the vendor.


Now, you should realize that every Cisco certification opens an incredible range of opportunities to help maximize your fullest potential. Don’t miss this amazing chance to advance your career and earn recognition in your chosen field. So, evaluate your experience, decide on the level of desired accreditation and go ahead to master professional heights with Cisco.

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